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I love this game!!!! I really like being able to choose different weapons, too!! The only downer is that it seems to hit bugs a bit, particularly early in each level. It's hard to tell if it's from my computer or what, though, since it even glitched on me a little when I was typing this out :)

SWEET!!! Very awesome to be able to make picross puzzles, and I think I'll be using this for printable goodies! My only complaint is that the top row is kinda hard to click on (I had to click the very very very bottom edge of the top row). Otherwise, amazing job, especially as a test of your skills!!

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zorona112 responds:

Oops, you're right. Thanks though! The top row should be any easy fix, and if I can find the time I'll try to make an option to view in printout format

Monday Edit: Fixed and added an export button to save as a jpg

I didn't get what to do at first, but once I figured it out I really got to liking this a lot! I tried several times in fact :) 5/5 for curiosity + current awesomeness. And emailed, by the way :)

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LunaDrift responds:

Great to hear. I look forward to bashing some monsters with you when the server up and running :)

This is a fun twist on the "don't touch" theme, I like it! Way to go! Add a bit to it and it'll be awesome! Giving it 3 stars plus one more for the potential :)

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I was a little confused with being unable to see the gators sometimes, although that made them a neat little surprise at times... A good second game for you :)

Not really a game, but...

Absolutely awesome art! Would make a great base for an awesome game for sure :)

Very fun!

I had a lot of fun with this one, thanks a lot! I love how crazy it can get with lots of objects that break apart, and then running over other re-shoot spots!


Haha!! My daughter watched me play this, and after trying for the high score a second time, she begged me to play it again. Well done! Great art, and wonderful difficulty progression

mindfoolgames responds:

Thank you for the kind review.

That's exactly the target audience we were looking for. :-)

Awesome game!

Hey! I thought this game was easy at first too, then around 20 points it got a little tougher... then later, it got even harder... then it kicked my butt! I dont know how anyone would think this is "easy", but it still is awesome! I think it hits that "easy to learn, hard to master" spot. In the nervousness of later play, it's all too easy to hit Santa by mistake. Oops LOL


It was a bit simplistic, but very addictive, I stopped at level 17 with a 5x multiplier. I didn't have my headphones on so that's why sound got a 0, but you did a great job!

Making my way in the indie game development world, mostly focused on kid-friendly games that are fun for adults too, but silly little addictive games are just too hard to resist sometimes!

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